What do I do?

Now I may look like a normal 14 year old kid, but I would say I'm pretty talented. But there is still the "normal teenager kid" in me. Like I said in here I Like alot of little things and alot of not so little things. I did mention that I love performing for big crowds and singing as loud as I can. I can do alot of things! Here is a link to my instagram. It shows all the instruments I play there and all the performances I have done!

If you can't open that well I'll just provide some pictures and some explanations behind them!

Shane and Maya performing at Vent Haven

The picture above shows me performing at the Vent Haven convention earlier this year. I sang "She Used To Be Mine" with my puppet Maya

Shane and Winston performing for Le Petite Cirque

The picture above shows me performing for Le Petite Cirque, which is basically a circus that kids perform in. I have my costume and make up ready to perform with my other friend, Winston.

Shane looking cool

The picture above shows me at Nu Skool Sings Old Skool event. I model for them and I also perform for them. This is a picture of me on their red carpet.

Shane posing and flexing his fast swimming awards

The picture above shows me posing infront of my ribons, patches, and me Cerritos Junior Olympics team swimming cap. At the time of making this website, I am the fastest on the Cerritos Aquatic Club.

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